2015 Street Painting Year End update

It has been a wonderful 2015 of chalk street painting. I traveled in the U.S. coast to coast from California to Florida, in between States and around the globe creating my favorite chalk murals. (Santa Barbara, CA; San Rafael, CA; San Francisco, CA; Daly City, CA; Lake Worth, Florida; Marietta, Georgia; Arhem, Holland; Victoria, Canada; Suzhou, China; Venice, Florida; Houston, Texas.  I am so happy to make these ephemeral art with my community of street painters — I’m very lucky indeed.

This summer, I made my first ‘wet media’ street painting in Arnhem, the Netherlands at the 2nd World Street Painting Festival. Thank you to the organizers for that opportunity. Just recently, I was one of the 3 artists to bring the art of street painting to the 1st China (Suzhou) Pastel Festival. I created a 3D design celebrating the Chinese calendar ‘Year of the Goat’.

The Fall season is here and the Sarasota/Venice CHALK Festival kicks off on Nov 9-14. 2D, 3D, vertical 4D and the world record for the largest street painting will be there. Houston’s VIA COLORI will be the following weekend Nov. 21-22 celebrating their 10th Year anniversary.

I’ve been invited back to the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival on February in Florida to start the winter chalking season. Stay tuned for more in 2016! Thank you for visiting.

at the 1st China (Suzhou) Pastel Festival, China

3D Anamorphic design entitled: Discovery in the ‘Year of the Goat’ for  the 1st China (Suzhou) Pastel Festival, China


My copy of Bradshaw Crandell's Illustration circa 1940s 10x10 feet, chalk pastel on asphalt. Marietta, Georgia 2015

My copy of Bradshaw Crandell’s Illustration circa 1940s 10×10 feet, chalk pastel on asphalt. Marietta, Georgia 2015